Nov. 8 - 11, 2024

Prepare to set sail on the most epic metal journey amidst the mesmerizing Greek islands! This is no ordinary adventure; it’s an exclusive fusion an electrifying metal music festival and a Mediterranean odyssey.

Day 1, Nov. 8

Mykonos, the vibrant and cosmopolitan Greek island, is renowned for its stunning beaches, lively nightlife, and unique charm. Here are some interesting aspects of Mykonos:
Iconic Windmills, Little Venice, Beautiful Beaches.

Day 1, Nov. 8

A metal cruise is a melting pot of metal cultures and personalities. Forge new metal friendships, exchange metal experiences, and create metal memories with fellow headbangers from around the globe.

Day 2, Nov. 9

Ephesus (kusadasi) an ancient Greek city located in present-day Turkey, is renowned for its historical and archaeological significance. Here are some interesting facts: Library of Celsus, Theater of Ephesus, Temple of Artemis:

Day 2, Nov. 9

According to a legend in Greek mythology, the island’s original name was “Letois”, after the goddess and huntress of deer, Artemis, daughter of Leto. It was believed that Patmos came into existence thanks to her divine intervention.

Day 3, Nov. 10

Santorini is a captivating Greek island known for its stunning beauty and unique characteristics. Here are some interesting things about Santorini: Caldera and Volcanic History: Santorini is essentially what remains after a massive volcanic eruption around 3,600 years ago.

Day 4, Nov. 11

The Acropolis, perched high above the city, is an ancient citadel containing several historic buildings of great architectural and historic significance. The Parthenon, dedicated to the goddess Athena, is one of the most iconic structures in the world.